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Gundam was first aired in 1979. Now, more than 25 years later, this SF anime series has established an absolute presence on not only the airwaves but also in the theatres. Its influence on the cultural plane, though, has grown beyond the audiovisual sector, bringing us the Gunpla-boom (miniature modeling) of the Mecha-character, and of course its numerous video games. In a way, Gundam has created a culture of its own.
The reason it has remained so popular lies in the perennial value of its message. Gundam was the first Japanese anime on 'war' - man fighting man, but it is equally about 'evolution' - as the words New Type or Mobile Suit denote, man has become able to extend both intelligence and body. Gundam presents us with a new model of 'life' in which the natural environment of the space age and mankind's intellect are the decisive factors for defining an era.
The generation(s) that has/have grown up with Gundam on the tv-screen are now actively laying the path to a new age, whether it be at school, in the family, or at work. This is how Gundam will be passed on to their children, evolving along with man.
This exhibition is an attempt to decipher the message incubated in the cultural phenomenon that is Gundam. Visitors will not only see 'war', 'evolution', and 'life' through the eyes of the Gundam's creators, but the future that is to come.




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