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Boris Mikhailov (1938-) was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and started taking photographs when he was 28 years old while working as an electrician for the national railroad company. His work began to gain attention in the 1990s, with frequent showings in the US and in Europe. The "Case History" series, which captures the cities and people of Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union, was especially highly regarded and won the Hasselblad Award in 2000 and the Citibank Prize in 2001.

Mikhailov first came to Japan in 1998 and has participated in many exhibition since then: with Nobuyoshi Araki in a two person show called "Winter Love", at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in "Interplay of Flows - MOMA Contemporary Art Collection", a solo exhibition at Shugo Arts titled "Salt Lake", and "Tokyo - Berlin / Berlin - Tokyo" at Mori Art Museum in 2006.

Both an unfeeling distance and warm affinity with his subjects can be felt in Mikhailov's photographs, which is easily understood if you consider the backdrop of his works, an oppressive socialist system. He lost his job for photographing people in the nude, which was a taboo at the time. However, the aestheticism and pursuit for truth that was born from this resilient spirit that refused to surrender would win him recognition and respect from all around the world in later years to come.

The "Yesterday's Sandwich" series was produced from the late 60s to the 70s, with two films being developed on top of each other. The photographs gives a sense of freedom through an introduction to a new confrontation against the world. The series was published by Phaidon in a book of the same name.

Opening and end of the year party: December 22nd, from 18:00
Guest DJ: Raffaello Seberg
Slide show by Boris Mikhailov: from 20:30

The artist is going to stay in Japan for more than 2 months, from the end of November to the end of January 2007. During his stay in Japan, some events are planned. Details are as below:

Other related events

December 1st: Slide talk show with Nobuyoshi Araki, as juries of New Cosmos of Photography, hosted by Canon Inc. (tel:81-3-5482-3910)
December 17th: Talk show with Nobuyoshi Araki at Rat Hole Gallery (tel:81-3-6419-3581)
December 22nd: Opening of the solo show, Yesterday’s Sandwich, at SHUGOARTS (tel:81-3-5621-6434)
January 13th: Talk show at Aoyama Residence, Tokyo Wonder Site (tel:81-3-5766-3732)
From January 19th, 2007 to March 25th: Solo show at Rat Hole Gallery(tel:81-3-6419-3581)



From 2006-12-22 To 2007-02-03


Boris Mikhailov



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ボリス・ミハイロフ 「昨日のサンドウィッチ」

ソ連時代の写真というと、イデオロギーを纏ったプロパガンダ調のもの、20世紀初期の前衛芸術運動に絡んだフォト・モンタージュばかりが思い浮かぶ。それを払拭してくれたのが、ウクライナの写真家ボリス・ミハイロフ(1937-)による個展”Yesterday’s Sandwich”であった。このオープニングが先月末シュウゴアーツで行われた。

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