Ushio Shinohara "Reckless driving meeting 2006/Exhibition of muddy slaying monster bikers"


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This exhibition is to show a part of enormous Shinohara’s works collected by one collector; that is to say, it is an exhibition of the sensibility of understanding Shinohara’s art. It was 7 years ago when the collector Mr. Yazaki, who owns a used cloth store, saw Shinohara’s art for the first time. The first purchase was a small motorbike which was given by his artist friend who was a disciple of Shinohara. According to Mr. Yazaki, who was not specially interested in art until then, the reason why he bought the motorbike was because the motorbike was so “cool” that he could pay money to possess it. Since the purchase of the motorbike, Mr. Yazaki’s enthusiasm for Shinohara established a massive Gyu-chan collection of a hundred and several tens works in 7 years, which includes Shinohara’s most important works such as “Kukai motorcycle,” “Oni-taiji” (slay a monster), and “Edward Hopper at bermuda island”. His act of collecting is rapid enough to make us think of historical or fateful inevitability, as if it fills in a blank of Shinohara’s art that was not evaluated for a long time. This exhibition is to rethink on the history of a long fight by one genious artist through the earnest eyes of a collector by the genious, Naohiro Ukawa’s curation. We hope you could see the moment of the “historical playback of borderless Shinohara’s art (words by Mr. Ukawa).”

Opening Reception:

20th September (Wed)19:00-22:00
Admission: ¥1000
Talk: Ushio Shinohara / Ukawa Naohiro

[Image: "Muder Gas of Inka"]



From 2006-09-20 To 2006-10-15


Ushio Shinohara



Lena Oishi tablog review

Ushio Shinohara "Reckless Driving Meeting 2006/Exhibition of Muddy Slaying Monster Bikers"

Japanese pop artist Ushio Shinohara, or “Gyu-chan” as he is affectionately called, is famous for his “boxing” performance-art paintings (where he punches the canvas with boxing gloves soaked in paint).

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