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This event has ended.

Roentgenwerke is announcing its 15th anniversary since the opening of Roentgen Kunstinstitut on the 6th June 1991 and would like to thank everyone for their kind support through the years.
On this special occasion, there will be a one night club exhibition event 'Gen-puku' on Tuesday the 6th June at Super Deluxe in Roppongi. ('Gen-puku' was a celebration for a samurai who reached the age of 15 to be considered as an adult and received a sword.)
The event will consist of lives by 'Techno Heaven GHz' (Synov Takeuchi + Kazuhiro Terada) who reunited after 6 years, Yoshihiko Sato playing his twelve-necked guitar 'Present Arms', and DJ Keisuke Kanomata from Taro Nasu Gallery.
Also, there will be a 'welcoming-all-volunteers-talk show' by Noi Sawaragi (art critic), Yuko Yamamoto (director of Yamamoto Gendai) and Norimizu Ameya ( the most important artist in the early days of Roentgen), hosted by Tsutomu Ikeuchi (Director of Roentgenwerke) and Tetsuya Ozaki (editor of 'ARTiT').



2006-06-06 from 19:00



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