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This is the opening chapter of a series of work based on the urban environment: its many moods, its changeable nature and its complexity. Cities change so much as each day goes by: the different architectural hues drift as the temperature of the light changes, the movement of the sun causes shadows that harden or soften the texture and relief of buildings. At night the sky darkens and colors fade. Electric lights and neon signs appear, unfolding a different story.

The artist's work aims to illustrate a wider spectrum of urban reality then can be shown in a single image. Using hundreds - sometimes thousands, of photographs of a scene, as well as various different camera settings, the artist explores the motion of people and vehicles, emphasizing or de-emphasizing colors and playing with focus and texture. Each scene is then recreated in a unique way that shows off the many sides to its character.

The collage technique is important to the artist for a number of reasons. Because each piece is composed of individual photographs of day and night, there is very little digital manipulation used. The changes shown within the image are real, and therefore there is more truth in this work. The texture of the pieces adds another dimension; observing the many layers and their complex intersections injects a kind of energy or movement into the experience that brings it to life and cannot be felt by looking at a single photograph. This first collection contains work shot in various cities. The artist explores the "idea" of the urban environment as it exists around the world in its many shapes and forms.



From 2007-03-22 To 2007-04-14


Ross C Kelly



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