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Returning to the foundation underlying Shiseido's "Mecenat" efforts to support up-and-coming artists, the "shiseido art egg" public exhibition series throws open the doors of the Shiseido Gallery to a wide range of artistic expression. The three participants for this second year were selected from among 357 applicants, with selection criteria favoring those who have so far had relatively few opportunities to show their work publicly, and who could demonstrate interesting and executable plans to have their work take advantage of the Shiseido Gallery's unique exhibition space. Exhibitors this year include Kubota Miki (sculpture), Makihara Taisuke (installation), and Hicosaka Toshiaki (painting), who will show their works according to the schedule below.

Kubota Miki January 11th (Fri) - February 3rd (Sun), 2008
Kubota Miki typically uses a sculptural approach in which she transforms the shapes offered by pieces of wooden furniture to create new forms. Her other recent conceptual works feature line drawings created by applying adhesives to transparent vinyl sheeting. In both cases, Kubota's works offer direct inquires into the relationships between material and image. For this exhibition she brings together her furniture series and clear vinyl series works to fill the gallery with a world view that explores the mysterious and complex interplay of substance and illusion.

Makihara Taisuke February 8th (Fri) - March 2nd (Sun), 2008
Makihara Taisuke takes as his materials a diversity of common everyday objects and materials, as well as his own actions and behaviors. His work reconfigures portions of the roles, scales, and temporal contexts normally associated with such objects and activities to create dynamic installations designed to jolt the five senses. For this exhibition he has used familiar musical instruments in ways that transform the space of the entire Shiseido Gallery space.

Hicosaka Toshiaki March 7th (Fri) - March 30th (Sun), 2008
Hicosaka Toshiaki creates original paintings incorporating digitally processed scenery images transfered to paper, finished with line and color overlays. Through this roundabout procedure of transferal, Hicosaka consciously focuses our attention on the mechanisms by which a picture comes into being and on the process of its creation, and challenges the act we call "painting." For this exhibition Hicosaka presents his Tesaguri no Zuga (Grope Drawing) series, in which he has deconstructed the underlying scenery image into something that even the artist has ever encountered, giving a premonition of limitless expansiveness.

[Image: Miki Kubota "Kagetori" (2007)]



From 2008-01-11 To 2008-03-30



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