「Wako Works of Art: 15 Years/ Part 2」展


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レセプション: 12月7日(金) 18:00-20:00



2007年12月07日 ~ 2008年01月19日



yourboringandpatheticart: (2007-12-25 at 00:12)

This is a surprising show with an up coming talent, I hope. Takashi Masada uses paint as paint, which seems to be a relatively new event in Japan as of recent. before the 1980's it was common but it seemed to be forgotton along the way. Any how MAsada's vision and images are rather unique, and well worht the look, but I worry that they are all form selected and readily identifyable sources as to render them pointless? What is he really doing with them? scenes from Avedon, Mud people, Texas Chainsaw massacre, Chinese Acrobats, and more, They all look stunning but what do they add up to? what do they mean? it is nice but can he go any further or is he merely just another dreadful style maker and progenetor? I hope he can corral these into more than an, " I just liek them." sort of collection. The other works by Richter are nice but seem more like ephemera. They lack the punch of his stronger works.

flyingcircus: (2008-01-03 at 11:01)

I think Takeshi Masada is promising. His images are full of Eidetiker’s joy as if his eyes would have a built in camera with functions of changing colors by saturation and lightness.
The equivalence of his vision under his algorithmic manner is simply stunning.
As for the selection of his subjects, I think it’s the border of boy’s favorites of Harajuku street brand. The article that Hiroshi Fujiwara ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroshi_Fujiwara ) recommends Takeshi Masada was predictable. However, at least it was good that he avoids portraits like Chuck Close – Enlightenment. Personally I think he still has the risk of becoming Enlightenment unless he carries a little more conviction of his algorithmic way. I hope that he explores his own subjects making his stunning visual more powerful.

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