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"'Out of Reach' is about the never-ending cycle of trying to reach both material and spiritual goals that constantly seem to elude us," explains Rosen. "Goals attained are quickly replaced by new aspirations, and satisfaction remains fleeting and evasive. In pondering this notion, I envisioned a series of innumerable empty hands reaching out into emptiness. I expect the resulting installation to have a sense of quiet that is at once solemn and spooky, and I look forward to having my guests break this silence at the mid-week reception party."

The mid-week reception will see a transformation of the installation at the hands of audience members who will be invited to add color to the artist's mostly white installation. Rosen likes to invite people to experience his work: to look, to touch, to listen, and even to destroy in order to create anew. "Out of Reach" will offer show-goers the unsettling opportunity to destroy precious objects in the name of the creative process.

This exhibition marks the second time Rosen will show at SuperDeluxe after his breakthrough solo show Incarnations in 2005. The impromptu and synergistic collaborations that the venue offers brought the artist back to the space for this exhibition. Viewers and other artists will once again have the opportunity to interact with Rosen's work as he dares to go far beyond traditional ceramics in his new large-scale work.

Mid-show reception with live events on Oct. 26 (Fri), 19:00-26:00
20:30 "Rock 'n Rokuro II": Performance art with special musical guests Cal Lyall and Samm Bennett.
21:30 "Tones of Destruction, Colors of Creation": Breaking things is fun…
22:30 “Live Art&Music” with Rinpa Eshidan, Cal Lyall, Samm Bennett, Keigo Iwami and L?K?O.
*Throughout the evening: Algorithmic improvisations by Akihiro Kubota and music by DJs Carlos Gibbs (Red Box), Laurent Novatin (Red Box), Jinki and others

*For more information: www.dhrosen.com yakimonos@earthlink.net



From 2007-10-23 To 2007-10-28
Open every day during exhibition. Closes 15:00 on October 27th.


D. H. Rosen



donald_japantimes: (2007-10-25 at 12:10)

Hands on contemporary clay
By Donald Eubank
Japan Times Staff writer

What's the big question for contemporary ceramics?

''The challenge is to make something that is pertinent to the material. Like Masayuki Inoue at Tamabi says, 'If the piece would work better made of Styrofoam, there is no reason to make it out of ceramics.' Good ceramic work speaks about the material, and 'works' because it is ceramic, not just because it happens to be the artist's medium of choice ...


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