"Double Cast" Exhibition

Tokyo Wonder Site, Hongo

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This event has ended.

Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama will be showing work by Double Cast, an artist duo made up of Yu Iwai and Yukihiro Taguchi, who make film works. This exhibition will experiment in new forms of presentation, making use of the Double Cast website and the YouTube video sharing website. There will be talks and performances by the artists every week throughout the exhibition period, turning the exhibition site itself into a forum for artistic exchange.

•Opening Reception (open to all; free entry)
An opening reception for all three simultaneous exhibitions.
March 28th (Wed), 19:00-21:00

•Related events program

Talk events, seminars - ¥500 each, capacity 30, reservation required
Reservations are closed as soon as all seats have been booked.
Reservations can be made here

March 31st (Sat) 14:30-16:30
Vol.1 "Thinking from the Network"
Guest: Noboru Tsubaki (Artist) + Dominick Chen (Special Foreign Researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science [Tokyo University])

April 7th (Sat) 16:00-19:00
Camp-6 (Hongo Camp)
Guest: Double Cast (Yu Iwai and Yukihiro Taguchi)

April 8th (Sun) 17:00-19:00
Vol.2 "Thinking from Tokyo" (Speakers subject to change)
Guests: Uleshka Asher (PingMag editor) + Olivier Thereaux, Kosuke Fujitaka, Paul Baron (Tokyo Art Beat founders) & Mike Kubeck (Super Deluxe)

April 14th (Sat) 13:00-15:00
Vol.3 "Thinking from Advertising"
Guests: Masaaki Ikeda (Copyrighter and Editor) + Miyako Maekita (Copyrighter, Creative Director)

April 21st (Sat) 13:00-15:00
Vol.4 "Thinking from Broadcasting"
Guest: Tetsuo Jinbo (from videonews.com) + Makiko Nakano (Translator)

April 22nd (Sun) 16:00-18:00
Vol.5 "Thinking from Art"
Guests: Tetsuya Ozaki (founder of Real Tokyo and editor of ARTiT) + Fumihiko Sumitomo (curator, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo) + Katsu Fukuzumi (Contemporary Art Critic, culture researcher)
*There will be a closing party following this talk.

Photo credits
Yu Iwai "Sensitive Timing (excerpt)" 2005
Yukihiro Taguchi "Gift 2 2006" Performance, 2006



From 2007-03-28 To 2007-04-22
Opening Hours: 10:30-19:00



Paul Baron tablog review

April talks

In April, we will be participating in 2 talks, one as part of the Double Cast event held at the Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo event space and one as part of the Art Fair Tokyo 2007. Please come & participate in the discussions!

Makoto Hashimoto tablog review



Survivart: (2007-03-28 at 00:03)

いよいよ本日3月28日より、放送局「Double Cast」がスタートします。夜7時〜9時までは、オープニングレセプション(無料・参加自由)も行いますので、ぜひご来場下さい。そしてサイトのほうにも会場で撮影・編集された映像がどんどんアップされていきますので、ぜひチェックしてみて下さい。


Survivart: (2007-03-30 at 15:03)

明日開催のトークイベントVol. 1「ネットワークから考える」のご予約は本日締め切りです。ぜひぜひご参加ください。(ゲスト:椿昇(アーティスト)
+ドミニク・チェン(日本学術振興会外国人特別研究員 [東京大学] )

Survivart: (2007-04-02 at 23:04)


Survivart: (2007-04-16 at 05:04)

いよいよ「Double Cast」の会期も残り1週間となりました!
4月21日(土)開催のトークイベントVol. 4「放送から考える」では、チョムスキーの著書「マニュファクチャリング・コンセント〜マスメディアの政治経済学」の翻訳家・中野真紀子さんと、「ビデオニュース・ドットコム」代表のジャーナリスト・神保哲生さんをゲストにむかえ、独立メディアの重要性と可能性について話し合います。

また、4月22日(日)開催のトークイベントVol. 5「アートから考える」は、本展を振り返り検証するだけではなく、より広い議論ができればと思っておりますので、クロージングパーティーとあわせて、ぜひご参加下さい。

Survivart: (2007-04-22 at 01:04)

This exhibition is over today at last.
If you've not come yet, please come and join.

It will be held IKEBANA around noon by Ikebana artist and Masaru Iwai who is an artist exhibiting in Double Cast.

Thanks a lot TAB!


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