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Satoru Tamura was born in 1972. Since graduating from the art department of Tsukuba University, he has exhibited widely not only in Japan, but also in Europe and America.

Tamura makes wide use of low-tech machinery and devices that do nothing but repeat their automatic movements, as if to reject any easy assignment of meaning or interpretation to the work, or even to suggest a nullification of meaning or intent altogether. When asked to offer an explanation of his own work, Tamura says that these "things are no more than things."

These are works that seem to halt the viewer's search for meaning, with their inorganic, coarse machinations that repeat themselves dumbly. Faced with such a work, viewers themselves are in turn reduced to a state of single-minded spectatorship, a helpless and "pure" viewer. What surfaces in the wake of that arrested thought process is the physiological response of laughter. This exhibition features the third installment in Tamura's "Point of Contact" series. This work consists of countless naked lightbulbs and devices that constantly repeat the same automatic movements - an endless flickering of sparks being released. While the evocative title "Point of Contact" throws up a host of meanings and metaphors in relation to the installation, the work suggest that there is only prosaic "electrical contact" for the sole purpose of powering the lightbulbs.

December 14th (Sun) 19:00-
Talk event: Being there, and not being there
with Hajime Nariai (Fuchu City Art Museum)
Fee: ¥1000 (includes one drink, first 30 visitors)

December 20th (Sat) 19:00-
Oretachi Hyokin-zoku Vol. 2
Free entry

December 21st (Sun) 19:00-
Talk event with Junichi Mogi (narrator/artist) and Riichiro Mashima (filmmaker)
Fee: ¥1000 (includes one drink, first 30 visitors)

*Reservations for talks:
Fee: ¥1000 (includes one drink, first 30 visitors)



From 2008-12-11 To 2008-12-23

Opening Reception on 2008-12-13 from 19:00


Satoru Tamura



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