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In the present climate of globalization, we believe that the role of art must not be simply to pursue standards of economic efficiency and uniformity, but instead to create new aesthetic values. In this exhibition we will use the role of the artist to hypothesize about how Ecosophy - as proposed by French philosopher Felix Guattari - can be put into practice. Ecosophy is a term coined by Guattari that abbreviates the phrase "ecological philosophy". It means to give an ecological framework to all fields of enquiry - not just those involving the environment, but those involving psychology and social relations, too. It holds that the only genuine answer to the current ecological crisis is to see things on a global scale, reassess the targets of material and immaterial wealth creation and carry out cultural endeavors that go well beyond the established norms of politics, economics and society. The cultural endeavors will therefore concern themselves not solely with the big, visible power games of politics and so on, but also with the molecular domains of sensibility, intellect and desire.
This exhibition brings together several Tokyo galleries known for their presentation of young talent not yet commodified by the international market economy, and includes exhibits introducing a number of artists recommended by those galleries. The criteria adopted by Eye of Gyre in selecting the galleries was that they be leaders in the Tokyo art scene and that they actively seek involvement in society and work on an international scale with an eye to changing society. By bringing together artists with the galleries whose jobs it is to link them with society, we aim for this exhibition to be the first step towards putting Ecosophy into practice by applying ecological frameworks to the three phenomena of environment, social relations and human subjectivity.




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