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After graduating from Kyoto University of Art in 1991, Tadasu Takamine received the Special Encouragement Prize at the 2nd Sony Music Art Artist Audition in 1993, and then joined the performance art group Dumbtype from 1993-1997.
After leaving Dumbtype, Takamine studied media art at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in Gifu prefecture. In 2002, he exhibited a huge 2-ton ironical video installation work called "God Bless America" at the 50th Venice Biennale, which paved the way for numerous other commissions and invitations to various art events both in Japan and abroad. Takamine is a multi-disciplinary artist working in installation, video and performance, and recent years have seen him compose and perform theatrical stage works by himself, further expanding the boundaries of his artistic practice.
From the outset of his career Takamine has unfailingly tackled the variety and profusion of human life in all its forms and conditions with a knowing irony and ambivalence, reconfiguring his own bodiliness in an attempt to point out issues inherent to our own physicality. In this exhibition, Takamine tackles the electricity storage system found in dreams, the double-layered electrical supercapacitor. Abu Dhabi is an existing example of an artificial city whose energy needs are met entirely through natural energy sources, representing a shift away from an energy dependency on fossil fuels. In the middle of this new energy movement, supercapacitors have attracted particular attention for the possibility of large-scale and high-capacity electricity storage that they promise, and the key they hold to an important technology that will hopefully provoke an energy revolution: a durable, harmless energy storage device has long been the dream of the human race. The technology is now at hand, and its dissemination could change the world. However, the costs of the technology are still prohibitive, and capacitors are in general a costly proposition. This exhibition sees Takamine experiments with the branding of these enigmatic supercapacitor energy storage systems.
This August, Takamine will be involved in a collaborative event together with musician Yoshihide Otomo at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM). In November, he will also mount a solo exhibition at the Sendai Mediatheque, and publish a book with Kawade Shobo Shinsha.



From 2008-07-12 To 2008-09-20
Summer holidays: August 10th-18th


Tadasu Takamine



Yelena Gluzman tablog review

Tadasu Takamine's Supercapacitor! Say it again!

Tadasu Takamine attempts to stamp the supercapacitor onto popular consciousness in his solo exhibition at Arataniurano.

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patrickbrz: (2008-08-02 at 00:08)


"Artist as booster of esoteric, eco-friendly technology? Emphatically yes, apparently, at Arataniurano this month. Tokyo-based artist Tadasu Takamine has staked all of his latest exhibition on the spirited advocacy of a single invention of electrochemical engineering, the titular supercapacitor, an energy-storing technology he believes could play a pivotal role in weaning the world's economies from their dependence on fossil fuels, improving our collective prospects for a greener, cleaner and cooler tomorrow."

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