"Box of Niépce: Right/ Left" Exhibition


poster for "Box of Niépce: Right/ Left" Exhibition

This event has ended.

CASHI is pleased to hold a two-part exhibition - "Box of Niépce: Right" and "Box of Niépce: Left", showcasing works by three young photographers who attract international attention with their universal work.

There is a theory that Nicephore Niépce, one of the inventors of photography and a pioneer in the field, dreamed about the following things that illustrate the principles of photography.

"Niépce thought that light is something like a ball which bounces when it touches various objects as "fluid = spirit". He tried to capture this "fluid = spirit" by means of photography, fixing its marks by avoiding its rebounds." (Serge Tisseron, "Le mystere de la chambre claire")

The act of releasing the shutter is exactly the same as the act of capturing something. Photographers have managed to capture various phenomena like remembrance, air and light. If the things they can capture were something like spirits, how romantic it could be.

In an attempt to prove Niépce's analogy of photography serving as a machine to capture spirits, CASHI is presenting series of evocative photographs in two experimental compositions.



From 2009-11-06 To 2009-11-28
Fisrt Half 11/6-14, Second Half 11/17-28

Opening Reception on 2009-11-06 from 18:00 to 20:00



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