"The World of the 'One Hundred Famous Views of Edo' by Utagawa Hiroshige" Exhibition

Ota Memorial Museum of Art

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Ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige’s series titled “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” depicts Edo across four seasons with original compositions and vivid colors. It is perhaps the best known series among ukiyo-e works, and even influenced the Impressionist western painter Vincent Van Gogh. Executed during Hiroshige’s late artistic career, the series contains many individual masterpieces such as “Plum Garden at Kameido” and “Evening Shower at Ōhashi Bridge and Atake”. The series gained popularity soon after its publication, and eventually more than one hundred different prints were produced by Hiroshige’s own hand despite the title “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo”. At this exhibition, we present all prints contained in the museum’s collection over two different periods in April and May.

1st half: April 1st-25th
2nd half: May 1st-26th



From 2010-04-01 To 2010-05-26



karl: (2010-04-20)

Hiroshige is playful and modern. He is staging is ukiyo-e in a wonderful way.

For example, this busy street seen just from behind a horse and his owner, we see only their legs in an exaggerated and naughty perspective, even a few feces on the ground.

Or again this scene where we noticed two paddles of a game of hagoita (羽子板) on both sides of the ukiyo-e, and floating in the middle the shuttlecock but discrete. The players are here, they are just not visible.

This exhibition of Utagawa Hiroshige is to complete with the other Utagawa, Kuniyoshi at Fuchu Museum.

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