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We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Akira Yoshida as YUKARI ART’s renewal special exhibition. The show will open on November 26, 2011 at our gallery’s space in Meguro, Tokyo.

Akira Yoshida creates sculptures mainly out of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) painted with an airbrush that serve as ironical takes on the contradictions and problems of contemporary society. His pieces seem at first glance to be friendly and embrace a pop aesthetic, but are in fact infused with irony. This very strong contrast between their outer appearances and concepts is one of the most charming features of his works.

For this exhibition, he will exhibit works from two series, ‘INU HARIKO’ and ‘Education in good taste series’ (wooden toys), with motifs of pretty children’s toys but also reflecting current situation in Japan critically.

‘INU HARIKO’ series is one of the most popular series of Yoshida and two pieces of the series are permanently exhibited at the City One Station of MTR, the biggest railway company in Hong Kong. Even though this is a series that has already been completed successfully, a new 'INU HARIKO' has been created after the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in a new perspective formed by Yoshida while he was looking at post-catastrophe Japan. This work not only criticizes Japan as ‘an obedient dog’, or ‘Hariko with an empty inside’ for its relationship between Japan and America, but also through depictions of atomic mushroom clouds, the spread of radiation, and a skeleton, all created with gold powder on the surface.

‘Education in good taste series rocking horse’ expresses the instability of peace we have and the circumstances of peace, consisting of war weapons as a swing rocking horse and the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Although this was created before the Tohoku earthquake, ironically, it seems that reality finally caught up with Yoshida’s vision.

Yoshida says he has a critical view on the infantilism of present Japanese society, and expressed it in the ‘INU HARIKO’ and wooden toys exhibited in this exhibition. However, despite the theme dealt with, ”working hard to achieve beautifully finished forms as much as possible” is characteristic of the artist and his paints lacquered with an airbrush on artwork surfaces are so well rendered that they even look like as if they are printed. Although an unstable political situation still continues, not only domestically but also internationally, the beautiful finish of his work even with its serious themes, makes us feel as if it is a ray of hope beyond this turbulent era.

About ten artworks will be exhibited.



From 2011-11-26 To 2011-12-10


Akira Yoshida



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