Yuichiro Tamura “Nightland”

Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

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“Nightland”, Tamura’s first solo show at Yuka Tsuruno, will showcase a new installation that further expands on various notions explored in Nightless. Previous projects showcased a wide range of novel approaches – "Nightless" (Tamura’s graduation project at Tokyo University of the Arts, 2010) went beyond screen-based projections, incorporating an actual Cadillac into the space of the installation, while "Talelight" (2010, Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino) features a story told by a taxi driver that unravels out of a series of images. Composed of Google Street View photographs taken in daylight, "Nightless" is an imaginary voyage into a world with no concept of night.

While invoking the shifts that have occurred in modes of transportation and movement throughout human history – from pilgrimages, crusades, vacations, railways, automobiles, and airplanes – this exhibition brings together a collection of images that visualize the earth, a consciousness of these images through our actual experience of the world, and a history of the earth that emerges from these movements and migrations. On display will be an installation that includes a new version of "Nightless" that takes its starting point from Clermont-Ferrand in France.

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From 2012-11-24 To 2012-12-29


Yuichiro Tamura



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