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Friction, control, extinction, earthquake, dependence, substance, transposition, symbol, unease, boundary, forgetfulness, mutability, radiation, metaphor, intervention, impulse, arbitrariness, gap, story, analogous structure, body, density, noise, society, symbol, rivalry, relativization, religion, layer, system, fear, abstract, transparency, floating, synchronization, activism, imagination.

I want to explore this world of ours, where exterior and interior coexist. I will conduct tests at various densities to verify the region where it is possible to synchronize an uncontrollable “exterior” with an “interior” that can be touched, cognized and imagined by the human body. And from there I will reveal the fault that exists between the exterior and interior, where such synchronization is not possible.
Mitsuhiro Ikeda

ShugoArts is pleased to present “location/dislocation,” a solo show by Mitsuhiro Ikeda. Ikeda is constantly thinking about how the viewer will interact with the painting, and how he can make the painting confront the viewer. This time he has focused on the possibilities held by the paint and the effects it can have. And in so doing he has been able to skillfully place the parts that can be controlled, those that cannot, and the supple, gently conflicting parts that are neither one nor the other. He has also adopted a loose definition of line, rhythmically repeating them in the work and thereby amplifying our own physicality and encouraging connection between the painting and the place that it is located.

The gap between the phenomenon depicted by the paint and the spaces created by Ikeda’s distorted lines stimulate the imagination of the viewer. And within that gap exist countless, indeterminate elements, floating as particles and fanning out like in a universe. The universe that exists inside that gap, which expands and contracts as though it was breathing, may be equivalent to the gaps that exist between our understandings of the world.

Ikeda was born in Hokkaido in 1978. In 2006 he graduated from the Graduate School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, with a Masters degree in painting. Major solo exhibitions include “generating void” (2007), “Floating Density” (2009) at ShugoArts. Major group exhibitions include “Four Artists Show” at ShugoArts (2006); “VOCA 2007” at the Ueno Royal Museum (received Encouragement Award); “Three Artists Show – The Source of Sensibility” at Kida Kinjiro Museum of Art, Hokkaido (2007); “Born in Hokkaido: Fruit of the Earth, Man and Art” at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art (2007); “NEOTENY JAPAN Contemporary Artists after 1990 from Takahashi Collection” at Kirishima Open-Air Museum and other venues (2008); “Garden of Painting – Japanese Art of the 00s” at The National Museum of Art, Osaka (2010); and “Art in an Office” at Toyota Museum of Art, Toyota, Aichi (2011).

[Image: Mitsuhiro Ikeda "Untitled" (2012) oil on canvas 162x259cm]



From 2012-09-01 To 2012-10-19


Mitsuhiro Ikeda



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