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In the current age where trans-border people pursuing their lives across a multitude of communities and countries are ever increasing, Youkobo Art Space, with its strong support of both international and domestic artists, is here taken as a stage upon which the everyday lives of 4 artists who work across Berlin, Melbourne, New York and Tokyo are drawn together. Without being rooted to one place, these 4 members investigate to maintain their activities and positions as artists, and how to translate the everyday workings into the language of art. The various expressions derived from “Living Everyday by Art” will be sent weekly from each artist to Youkobo and installed at Youkobo gallery by Utako Shindo, the member of staff and the organizer of the project. The weekly progress will be open to the public on weekends, and the accumulation of processes will be presented as an exhibition in the last two weeks of the project. Blog space ‘Everyday Studio’ will be also set as a platform to share the process and to exchange the dialogue between the artists and people of various backgrounds who are “living the everyday”.
Elizabeth Presa, lives in Melbourne, is a sculpture and installation artist, who is also the head of the Centre of Ideas, Victoria College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, and has engaged in various international artist residencies and collaborative projects with European philosophers including Jean-Luc Nancy and Alexander Garcia Duttmann, She sometimes works with her daughter the artist Anastasia Klose. Her work often involves the utilization of various literary and philosophical texts. In this project she takes as her starting point Seishonagan’s “The Pillow Book”. Chris Marker in his film, Sans Soleil, says that through“the contemplation of the tiniest things left a mark on Japanese sensibility much deeper than the mediocre thundering of the politicians”. Here she takes the patterns of light which give color, shadow, shape and meaning to our world, the stage of everyday life, and translating these into images and objects. From 18th June she will join the project in Tokyo for a week and have a night reading session “The Pillow Book”23rd-24th June. elizabethpresa.com/

Thea Rechner, who moved to Berlin last year, absorbs the phenomenon of the everyday encountered in her “Mobile Studio” of movements and observations rooted in daily life. While considering the way in which a particular 'everyday' or lifestyle can sustain an art practice, she also points towards how an art practice can sustain ones everyday. In this project she will pursue the moments of taking a breath and noticing, perhaps even the moments of nothingness, in the rush and habits of daily life, while also searching for her own position amongst a process which is in constant change. In the mode of a traveler who has a sense and awareness of the small things around them, having been freed from routine, she will attempt to insert this way of seeing into daily life through the concept of a “postcard” with drawings, text and videos. She will also initiate the project’s group BLOG ‘Everyday Studio’, as BLOG has been an important medium for her during past residency projects. alterations-resident.blogspot.com/

Gaku Tsutaja was engaged in various activities as part of the unit “gansomaeda” and publishing the artist newspaper Inner Crush Scene (the first issue of which was released as part of her residence at Youkobo) before moving to New York. In the conflict and doubts she sensed as engaging as a Japanese in the context of contemporary art she has come to find the origins of art within herself and pursue the very expression of this. In recent years she has focused upon the use of one’s hands, in a return to the basics of the body, searching for a role of art which can only be found in the process of making while also pursuing its position in society. Since last year she has been working on a manga series written 1 page per day, based upon the emotions which drive her, to be published on the web. She further reflects on those‘everyday’creations to be developed as transformed sculpture. Tsutaja, who approaches the mental landscape where change and universality coexist, in this project, will up-date a new weekly manga series on web, which then can be downloaded to be constructed by receivers. gakutsutaja.com/KOTATSU/

Utako Shindo, previously based for 9 years in Melbourne to pursue her art practice in questioning the properties and absences of a place, has created site−specific installations which explore the phenomenon of human existence within time and space. With medium such as drawing, photography and printing, she gives particular attention to the act of draw, transfer and print, to record her own physical motion which becomes certain images. With casting two dimensional works, which engender a delicate movement, into the time and space of the exhibition, she attempts to reveal the senses of the viewer as well as the conditions of place, as they change on a daily basis, while pointing towards their inseparable interconnection. In an approach which seeks a meeting point between place, people and artwork, she has engaged in production of such points of contact, as demonstrated in “Immanent Landscape” project which brought artists together from Japan and Australia in a residence, exhibition and symposium program. This time, at Youkobo where she is involved as a member of staff, with 3 other artists, she presents this project to examine and express the intimate relationship between everyday life and artistic practice. ushindo.blogspot.com/



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