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Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

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The word “drawing” is typically associated with the act of sketching or making preliminary studies. For artists, however, it has different connotations – a drawing can be a point of connection that links you to something else, a tool for thinking, or even a finished work. This exhibition showcases a selection of works that each artist considers to be a “drawing”.

On display will be Mamoru’s performance score, which serves as a concept sheet that inspired “etude”, a sound piece that he is currently developing, as well as a musical score for participating musicians. Tetsuro Kano’s “Clear Signs, Vivid Tones”, a work made out of glass, is a two-dimensional drawing that tackles the same issues as an installation, after serving as a preliminary exercise and a drawing of a space that would later become an installation. In this series, Kano tackles various issues that lie at the core of the different pieces in a direct manner while integrating all of them into a single work. For Maiko Kasai, the piece on which a preliminary sketch for a canvas was based is also a “drawing”. Kasai spends much time thinking about placement and location, comparing this phase of her creative process to working on a farm. “Here, a drawing functions like a seed that gives rise to a painting, and as a seedling.” Manika Nagare considers the act of drawing a run-up to the main event, a fundamental step that can sometimes play the lead role in a “marathon”. Nobuhiro Shimura, who produces mainly video installations, attempts to re-express the essence of his own installations in drawings. Unlike documentary photographs, these drawings record something of various events through the lens of his own subjectivity, expressing the viewpoint of the artist. Nobuyuki Osaki uses drawings as a medium for play, thought, and experiment, while Takafumi Yagi, who sees drawing as a “garden with a playground in it”, will exhibit his sculptures as drawings.

[Image: Maiko Kasai "exterminate the bunny suit "(2011) pencil on paper 39 x 39 cm]



From 2012-10-06 To 2012-11-03



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