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Sea, sky, trees, stars…the colors in the natural world are infinite. Yet so many of the colors that touch our lives in our everyday environments are man-made colors, predetermined by a color chart, leading us to wonder; is the environment in which we live truly “colorful”?

Exhibition director Dai Fujiwara proposes here “color-hunting,” as a design method of simple curiosity and powerful action, capturing actual colors in the natural and urban environment and searching out their match through the mixing of watercolors on paper. In this way design rooted in this form of color-hunting embraces the power to convey and spread the narratives and interpretations of color between those involved in the design process as well as the end users.

Design that begins with color is a journey into creativity and ideas of expanded freedom and excitement. Come discover the rich world of colors created by “color-hunting” and the infinite possibilities of color-originated design.

Tomohiro Akagawa, Koichi Iga, Shigeru Ida, Taichi Inoue, Kayoko Ota, Masato Oshima, Keiko Goto, Jiro Komiyama, Takashi Kiriyama, Semitransparent Design, Hirozumi Takakusaki, Yoichi Nakajima, Naito Mieko, Nobuko Funaki, Irma Boom, MOTOKO, Shigeru Moroizumi, Kazuki Yamazaki, Yu Yamanaka

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from June 21, 2013 to October 06, 2013


Dai Fujiwara et al.



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