Indigo Cups: Amakusa Ware Porcelain Cups by 170 Creative Artists, Made in Kyushu

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Kumamoto, on Kyushu island in southwest Japan, is a prefecture blessed with rich natural resources, and the Amakusa region in particular yields a special stone that is used in making pottery and porcelain of great beauty. Use of Amakusa’s pottery stone, known for its high purity and clarity, traces back to the 16th century, and over time it has been widely adopted to produce pottery and porcelain works of superlative quality. This exhibition will show porcelain cups in some 170 different designs, fabricated using Amakusa pottery stone and baked in kilns in the Arita-Hasami region of nearby Saga Prefecture. All cups will be available for purchase, with the proceeds to be donated to support recovery from the earthquakes that devastated the Kumamoto region in April 2016.
The cups on display have been designed by leading creative artists on a voluntary, noncommercial basis. Every cup has been individually and meticulously handcrafted and baked in kilns in the Arita-Hasami area, which is especially known for its traditional porcelain skills developed over the centuries. Kihara, Incorporated, a local trading company based in Arita for half a century, has served in an intermediary role enabling the participating designers’ artistic creations to be realized beautifully by Kyushu’s supreme porcelain artisans.
By purchasing a cup of exquisite design and unsurpassed craftsmanship, every buyer will not only introduce a work of traditional art into his or her everyday life; they will also express their solidarity with the aims of this charity project: to support the full recovery of the Kumamoto region, its people and its industries, as quickly as possible.

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Opening party
Date: 22th November Tue 19:00-20:30



from November 22, 2016 to December 24, 2016
Open on the public holidays of Nov. 23 and Dec. 23.

Opening Reception on 2016-11-22 from 19:00 to 20:30


Akira Uno, Kae Higuchi, Fancomi et al.



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