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Kiyosumi Shirakawa is where the poet Basho lived long ago and where, in the 1960s, crowds greeted the Olympic torch. Today it is a lively district full of cafes and galleries. The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) has operated in this creative and fascinating area since its founding in 1995. While closed for renovations, MOT is taking its activities outside with “MOT Satellite” - an art project involving local people and all kinds of facilities in Kiyosumi Shirakawa. By displaying projects and artworks by numerous artists in sites around the district, MOT aims to show the richness and charm this area enjoys with its mixture of communities and cultures, old and new.
This second Satellite project explores Kiyosumi Shirakawa’s historical background and process of transformation. Through art exhibitions, workshops, neighborhood walks, and talk events, the vitality and different scapes of this area, where people of all backgrounds have gathered, can be experienced by visitor, allowing them to enjoy “connections” and new encounters with Kiyosumi Shirakawa’s surroundings.

MOT is additionally holding an exhibition and events at the Arts and Science Lab in the Tokyo University of Arts Ueno campus.

Venues: Various locations in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Arts & Science Lab in Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus
The main exhibitions in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area will be presented in the “MOT Spaces” inside former industrial sites and community spaces, in several “MOT Spots” located along shopping streets and cafes. At the “MOT Spots,” visitors can search for artworks hidden about in the district. Also, there is a project in which people will be able to discover landmarks and create their own “word map” offering a touch of fun and excitement.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy alternative “scapes” of Kiyosumi Shirakawa through the interactive exhibitions, workshops and performances created by the artists and researchers of The Tokyo University and the Tokyo University of the Arts. With these events, visitors can see how scapes and artworks connect beyond time, while enjoying walks around town.

You can also see programs held by “local partners,” such as galleries, museums and other cultural sites.

Various locations in Kiyosumi Shirakawa:
Motoyuki Shitamichi, Yusuke Kamata, Atsuko Nakamura, Akira Mori, Mako Ishizuka, Kiyosumi-shirakawa project Art Media Center (Tokyo University of the Arts), Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab.(The University of Tokyo), Noramoji Project, The group of optical illusion block workshop

Arts and Science LAB. in Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus:
Eric Baudelaire, Julius Koller, Myriam Lefkowitz, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Motohiro Tomii

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from October 07, 2017 to November 12, 2017
Exhibition Hours: 11:00-18:00 Thursdays to Sundays, Public Holidays (at MOT spaces only).



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