Takashi Suzuki “Human Catcher”

Kana Kawanishi Gallery

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[Image: Another Ordinary Day (video still) 2017 | video | 10'15" © Takashi Suzuki courtesy KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY]

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Takashi Suzuki ​has been ​focusing ​on ​the “unconscious ​behaviors ​of ​humans,” ​​researching ​and creating ​artworks ​around ​this ​theme since ​his ​undergraduate ​days. ​​Behavior related to addiction, ​which ​according to ​the artist ​is ​“something ​that ​humans ​do ​unconsciously ​and ​without ​being ​told, ​even ​though ​unnecessary ​for living,” ​connotes something ​that ​exceeds ​the ​consciousness ​and ​preconscious ​of ​humans yet works to ​continuously ​attract ​viewers. In ​his ​master’s ​thesis ​titled, ​“​Research ​on ​Extracting ​Addiction ​Induction ​Elements,” Suzuki ​verified aspects ​that induce ​behaviors associated with ​human ​addiction from ​various perspectives using ​experiments. In ​one ​experiment where ​he ​measured ​the stress levels ​of participants in ​captivity, ​the results showed ​that ​stress was ​considerably lower ​when ​participants ​set ​personal ​rules, ​such ​as ​“I ​would ​do ​xxx ​if ​it ​would ​xxx.” ​In ​other ​experiments, he ​also ​found ​that ​“unstable ​conditions,” i.e. conditions ​that ​evoke ​danger, ​and ​“conditions ​that ​prove the ​irreversibility of time,” i.e. conditions where ​viewers could ​see ​that time ​had ​passed, ​would ​also ​appeal to the subconscious of participants. ​Suzuki’s artworks condense ​his ​research ​on attracting humans at the level of subconsciousness.



from October 14, 2017 to December 02, 2017


Takashi Suzuki



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