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Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

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[Image: Yuichiro Tamura "Stone of Madagascar" (2015)]

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With a background in photography and video, Yuichiro Tamura is an artist that employs multitudinous approaches, and incorporates installation and performance, to delve into memories and history embedded in the land and to connect those fragments in his work. In pieces such as “Nightless” (2010-), which is composed of images taken only via GoogleStreetView, and “Milky Bay” (2016), which reinterprets post-war Japanese history through bodybuilding, fragments are transformed into new narratives that transcend time and space. Together with the history of media traced by photography and moving image, his works assimilate elements of bodily presence and experience. This is where both factual and fictional matters are intertwined, creating a distinct atmosphere.

The title of this exhibition, “G,” has several different connotations. Among them is gravity, which is at the core of this show. Another is geo, corresponding to Tamura’s own interest in earth. Newton is well known for his episode with the apple. It is said that he realized gravity works not only on the earth but also everywhere in space only when observing the falling fruit. He later showed that all objects with mass were drawn to each other. “G” may also stand for the Apple Store service counter dubbed the “Genius Bar.” In this exhibition, a new space will be created around forbidden “genius” fruit. Furthermore, a book which documents Tamura’s previous works will be published alongside the exhibition.



from 3月 11, 2017 to 4月 22, 2017

Opening Reception on 2017-03-11 from 18:00 to 20:00


Yuichiro Tamura



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