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Voldemars Johansons is a composer and contemporary artist living and working in Riga, Latvia. His installation works are precisely designed like experimental devices based on scientific research that employ sound, light and video to focus on the relation between human perception and the natural environment.
For his first exhibition in Japan, Johansons has chosen “uncertainty” as the theme.
Ilya Prigogine, a physicist known for the theory of dissipative structures, stated that “instability and creativity are inherent in our world’,” further claiming that the laws of nature which are “unpredictable but not random” have a significant influence on art and design, human creativity and imagination.
In Johansons’ new sound installation presented here, a sample containing a trace amount of radioactive material is used. Radioactive substances emit radiation at the moment their nuclei collapse. The frequency of the probability of radioactive decay is determined by the type of substance, but the occurrence of the decay cannot be predicted. A Geiger tube in the work detects any unpredictable radiation emissions, and upon detection, an “instrument” generates a sound in accordance of the live data. Invisible environmental changes in the exhibition space because of the radiation become audible through the artwork.
Radiation cannot be perceived by human senses, however, it exists in the natural environment in various forms and is used widely in fields such as energy, medicine and biotechnology. There have been a lot of discussions about the existence of nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation, but still it lies in front of us as a big problem that we cannot see a path to resolving.
Johansons’ work incites imagination as he seeks to enlighten audiences about imperceptible elements and makes us reconsider that the situation we are facing is physically and socially complicated by various uncertain factors.

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