Akiko Ueda “A Hole for a Wind”

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[Image: Akiko Ueda "Beyond Pages", (2017)]

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Time and music, people’s actions and thoughts, shifting situations, the growth and death of plants, paying attention to changing surroundings - these are the fluid realities one experiences incessantly while living. How can an artist express such realities in painting? This is the question Akiko Ueda asks through her practice. Her paintings explore how to be a medium to capture the process and moment of a certain phenomenon transforming, and the causes of such change, as opposed to being simply works of reproduction or representation. Each work is characterized by a unique style and brushstrokes. These diverse pictures are painted without a preparatory sketch on the canvas, meaning that each brush stroke creates the subsequent quality and color of the marks from scratch, reflecting the thinking and interest of the artist at the time of production. This continuous action that spreads through the whole pictorial field creates fluid space-time within the picture and weaves a world of fragmentary stories that is both magical and shimmering. This world where various creatures appear and a wide range of textures and elements overlap on the same surface triggers different reveries depending upon which section of the picture the viewer is focusing on, evoking the ceaselessly changing world in which we live.
Ueda describes her process as being “akin to the moment when a hole is made in a wall and the fresh wind blows through it. This in turn triggers flow and movement in the hitherto static room, causing a transformation in the space-time.” The title of this exhibition, “A Hole for a Wind,” was derived from this image, reflecting Ueda’s attitude toward her practice.
One can observe the same attitude toward her practice in the ongoing performance project “En Route” (French for “on the way”). This project started in 2013, when Ueda met percussionist Naoto Yamagishi, as a private experimental session where Ueda painted a picture while listening and responding to the percussion of Yamagishi, creating an improvisational space for painting production. Since the second session, it has became a performance event with audiences where various performers, including musicians and dancers, are invited to form an ensemble while Ueda paints over the same painting. It has been held in Paris, Komoro, Yokohama and other locations, and its seventh presentation will be held during the opening of this exhibition. The over-painted picture resulting from the performance will be included in the exhibition.

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Date: Jan. 20 (Sat), 19:00-
Piano: Yuko Yabe
Dance: Margatica
Percussion: Naoto Yamagishi



from January 20, 2018 to February 17, 2018


Akiko Ueda



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