Chim↑Pom “Grand Open – Marvelous Liberation”


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[Image: Image created in cooperation with Kenji Itagaki]

This event has ended.

In the “Grand Open” exhibition, Chim↑Pom will present their works based on “urban theory” from their own distinctive perspective. With its hosting of the Summer Olympics now less than two years away, the streets of Tokyo are rapidly changing. Chim↑Pom is keenly aware of this on-going change, and continues to question what is being adopted and what is being excluded because of it. This exhibition is a showcase and culmination of their past projects bound up with urban theory, exploring the differences between “public” and “private,” “public” and “majority,” and “individual” ≒ “person.”

Chim↑Pom will first produce“Building Burger,” a new work with a gross weight on the order of tons, at Ningen Restaurant (held shortly before in Kabukicho) and then haul it to the art space Anomaly for display there. “Building Burger” is a huge sculpture created by cutting out the floors of a multistory building and piling them all on the ground floor. It is a concrete, visual expression of the two mutually opposed processes encapsulated in the term “scrap and build.”The title derives from the way in which the debris on each floor is sandwiched between floors. The work simultaneously calls to mind production and consumption of goods in massive quantities in line with the fast food model, and superimposes this image on the structure of our streets and cities.

“The Street (Michi),”Chim↑Pom’s contribution to the Asian Art Biennial held in Taiwan in 2017, will also be brought to Anomaly. This work is a long walkway connecting the grounds of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts with the public road off of the grounds. It was built and placed into service as a third public space that belonged neither to the network of public roads nor to the museum, and was operated by Chim↑Pom based on the regulations worked out and applied through dialogue with the concerned people. Running through the entrance and into the museum as well, it prompted visitors to rethink concepts such as “public,” “private,” “road,” and “art,” and ultimately evolved into the centerpiece of a block party.



from November 22, 2018 to January 26, 2019
Closed Dec. 23 through Jan. 14.





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