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Golden week at last. For many of us here in Japan, this means a few days off work, and for all of us Tokyo Art and Design junkies, it means tons of opportunities to visit shows or participate in art or design events.

In TAB News by Olivier Thereaux 2006-04-29

There are close to 300 current and upcoming events on Tokyo Art Beat at the moment: some will inspire you, make you laugh, frown, think; some may leave you cold and disappointed, some may even change your perception forever.

Why don’t you share this with everyone? Log in to your MyTaB account (or register for a free account) and become the Art Critic or Writer on Design you’ve been dreaming to be: smart, witty, informative…

Starting today, Tokyo Art Beat lets you write reviews of its events. Check the page for the event you visited, and
be the first to review it
Get your prose seen by everyone, among the reviews from Tokyo Art Beat’s own TABlog. TAB reviews from the Japanese and English sides of the site are shown together, a meeting point where the two user communities of Tokyo Art Beat can enjoy each other’s input and insight.

Would you rather write that review on your own blog? Please do! TAB now even makes it easier, by giving you a beautiful fat slice of information, all nice and ready to be sent to your blog, at the bottom of each event page. Now you can focus on writing with style and insight, while TAB gives you the necessary info.
info to paste in your blog

One last thing: with so many national holidays, some of the venues will certainly be closed: don’t forget to double check their schedule on TAB, perhaps even give them a call, just in case. You wouldn’t want to find them closed and miss an opportunity to write that great review, now, would you?

Olivier Thereaux

Olivier Thereaux. Born in France some time in the last century. After graduating in management and studies of “that internet thing”, olivier spent a decade trying to make the Web a better place. When he's not blowing all his money on plane tickets between Tokyo, Paris and Montreal, olivier acts as house geek for the ArtBeat sites. » See other writings


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