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It looks like Roppongi’s Super Deluxe is going to be welcoming another event series, alongside the club’s staples as Pecha Kucha Night.

poster for QuickFlick World - Tokyo Launch Party

QuickFlick World - Tokyo Launch Party

at Super Deluxe
in the Roppongi, Nogizaka area
This event has ended - (2006-08-24)

In Reviews by Aneta Glinkowska 2006-08-26

The new event launched Thursday night, QuickFlick World, is a short film festival monthly showcase. It is an international event connected by a website, and Tokyo is already the 10th city that it has landed in.

The founder of the festival, a willowy Brit named Saint has lived in New York and is now based in San Paulo. A self-proclaimed nomad, he’s here to launch the Tokyo branch. Before arriving in Tokyo, he had been to Beijing, having stopped first in Bombay, to also launch the event in those additional two cities.

QuickFlick World has the potential to become Pecha Kucha Night for filmmakers, at least in Tokyo. Participating filmmakers in each city are invited each month to make under four minutes long movies on a theme that they vote for every few weeks.

The QuickFlick monthly showcase night allows those filmmakers to screen their movies in front of a life audience and on the same night watch the best works of the previous month from the other participating cities. The festival is quite active in Latin America; and the region was well represented in the selection presented at Super Deluxe.

Before ending his nomadic adventure and returning to Brazil, Saint is in Tokyo for another week or so to hopefully find the curators and producers to run the festival showcases here. The globality of the event is impressive, but not quite enough amplified, especially on the festival’s website, which seems underused both as a communication tool and exhibit space. Hopefully this shortcoming will be solved soon and we will be seeing lots of interaction between cities, and of course many more installments of the Tokyo branch of the festival.

Aneta Glinkowska

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