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Gadago, the Non-Profit Organisation behind Tokyo Art Beat, relies on donations, t-shirt sales and advertising to pay its bilingual staff of 3 and support the work of more than 15 volunteers (writers, designers, coders).

In TAB News by Paul Baron 2006-10-15

The banner spaces we sell on our front and event pages has been pretty popular, we have had 2 campaigns by Diesel (the latest one finishing tonight), one by Adobe starting tomorrow, and past clients include Esquire Magazine, Mori Art Museum, Pola Museum Annex, JVC (full past clients list)… They are viewed by more than 15,000 people everyday!

To complete this offer, while being considerate of the visual impact of more banner ads on the site, we have, for the past few months, run Google text ads on the individual past events pages (just under their description). But because of the way we have decided to organise our URLs (one same URL for 2 languages), most of the Google ads on the English side of the site were illegible (mojibake) and so we have decided to give a try to the recently very popular Text-Link-Ads system.

On all our past event pages (more than 6600), right under the event description, there is now a new space where up to 10 text links can be purchased by anybody to advertise their product, event, art or design competition, etc… The price is fixed by the TLA people and they take a cut on the sale. Prices start at a reasonable 65$ a month. (They are currently running an offer with $100 offered to new link-buying clients.)

Here is our profile page (we are in the Entertainment / Art section).
Be the first one to populate this new space and support the team behind TAB!

And if you prefer our front and event page banners, then see our advertising section on TAB, prices start at 35,000yen a month (and don’t hesitate to contact us).

Thank you!

Paul Baron

Paul Baron. Born in 1977 in Paris. After graduating in 2002 from the London College of Communication, he moved to Tokyo to taste Japan's powerful visual culture. After 3 years at Honda R&D as an interaction designer and his 2004 launch of Tokyo Art Beat with Olivier and Kosuke, he now works as a usability and information designer at AQ, a Tokyo-based design & web agency. After-hours, he enjoys holding on to his rapidly fading unofficial title for biggest visitor of art exhibits in Tokyo and baking all sorts of cakes in his new Ikea kitchen. » See other writings


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