Newspapers Roundup #3

The past week’s art and design columns as read in the Japan Times and Daily Yomiuri online newspapers.

In In the News by Paul Baron 2006-10-13

Daily Yomiuri Online : Arts Weekend

The surprising versatility of contemporary lacquer (10/07)

Two paths diverged in the basement floor of the University Art Museum of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo Geidai) in Ueno, and I took the one less traveled.
I entered the gallery to the left to see the Japan and Korea Lacquer Arts Exhibition instead of following the crowd into the NHK Sunday Museum 30th Anniversary Exhibition. It was not just my contrary nature, but a real love of Japanese lacquerware and a strong desire to see some contemporary South Korean lacquer art that drove this choice. And I was not disappointed, even if I was surprised by a lot of what was on display…

TAB event data: “Japan & Korea Urushi Arts” Exhibition (until 10/15)

The Japan Times Online

Mori Arts Museum: Fumio Nanjo’s vision comes to the fore (10/12)

The departure of director David Elliott from the Mori Art Museum to take over the Istanbul Modern in Turkey is the first major leadership change at Japan’s largest privately endowed cultural institution. Though it was not without controversy, Elliott’s tenure saw the 3-year-old museum develop into what is arguably Tokyo’s most important new forum for contemporary art, and where it goes from here will be left to the incoming director, Elliott’s former deputy, Fumio Nanjo…

Polinski Imagines A Paradise: Artist sees it upsidedown (10/12)

The new exhibition at the Zenshi gallery in Kiyosumi is a breath of fresh air. Mikolaj Polinski’s “One Day in Paradise” does not attempt to overwhelm the viewer with scale or new media technology, rather it operates from the simple but increasingly overlooked premise that good honest communication can and will carry a work…
TAB event data: Mikołaj Poliński “One Day in Paradise” (until 11/04)

Meguro Interior Streets: Bringing it all back home (10/13)

Meguro-dori, the street that runs west from Meguro Station, was once home to numerous imported-car showrooms, and not much else. Over the past few years though, it has gained fame as Tokyo’s No. 1 interior shopping drag, lined with around 50 stores selling new and used furniture and assorted home wares catering to almost every imaginable taste…

Paul Baron

Paul Baron. Born in 1977 in Paris. After graduating in 2002 from the London College of Communication, he moved to Tokyo to taste Japan's powerful visual culture. After 3 years at Honda R&D as an interaction designer and his 2004 launch of Tokyo Art Beat with Olivier and Kosuke, he now works as a usability and information designer at AQ, a Tokyo-based design & web agency. After-hours, he enjoys holding on to his rapidly fading unofficial title for biggest visitor of art exhibits in Tokyo and baking all sorts of cakes in his new Ikea kitchen. » See other writings


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