The Old Man and the Geisha

There is always a detail.

You know it. You walk into a room, see things, look at people, objects, light and shadows.

poster for Tokyo Art Beat 2nd Year Anniversary Party!

Tokyo Art Beat 2nd Year Anniversary Party!

at Super Deluxe
in the Roppongi, Nogizaka area
This event has ended - (2006-10-09)

In Reviews by Karl 2006-10-11

You make a room of one’s own. It becomes your private space, it becomes the stage of your evening.

Then it is here. This little detail that comes back to you like the whispering of a door in the wind. It gives you the pace of your night, it makes the beat of your heart.

There was this detail on the wall, an old man and a geisha. Oh, yes it was mine for the night, not necessary yours, but we all had one, a private one. Not that mine was important or compelling but it was somehow mine.

How sad was I to loose it when in the middle of the night I had to catch the train to Shimokitazawa. This detail was the rythm of my night, the sweet melody of Tokyo Art Beat, the drum of the second anniversary of this project. In between the hours, I was blended in the smiles, blissfully caught in the discussions, smelling the bodies, vibrating with the music. New friends and old friends in one wonderful evening and all these ones, you would have dreamed to just share a word or two, or a stroke, but never happened. Delights of nights in Tokyo with the company of delicate people, it was just too short.

If you were not there with your own detail, come next year for the third anniversary of TAB. At least, I will be.


Karl. Hedonist. “Du bonheur qui n'est que de l'anxiété différée. Du bonheur bleuté, d'une insubordination admirable, qui s'elance du plaisir, pulvérise le présent et toutes ses instances.” » See other writings


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