Interviews with the TAB T-shirt Designers: Season 2

Here are the interviews with 4 of the artists who designed the 2nd TAB T-shirt collection, released last fall. They talk about the concept of the shirts and their other works. Those who already bought the shirts, or those who would like to buy some, please check this out.

In Interviews TAB Video by Aneta Glinkowska 2007-03-29

1) Nobumasa Takahashi

2) assistant

3) Tomato Tota Hasegawa


All of the artists donated their designs for free. The revenue from the TAB T-shirts will be spent only to improve the TAB’s service, which is run as a not-for-profit organization. To support us, you can buy the shirts here.

Aneta Glinkowska

Aneta Glinkowska. Born in Poland. She has lived in New York since 1996, where she attended college and graduate school. To escape the routine of science labs in college, she went to the movies daily. Following an MA in Cinema Studies, she roams Tokyo as a writer, visiting art galleries daily and blogging about art events. She's looking for opportunities to write about art and cinema for all types of publications. Contact via email: aneta [at] tokyoartbeat [dot ]com. » See other writings


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