Ready for some remix fun! Creative Commons style!

2009 starts with a new design remix project by Illustrator/VJ Shantell Martin.

In TAB News by Paul Baron 2009-01-16

In 2007, we invited Shantell to draw her love for Tokyo on one of our TAB Shirts. The result was an intricate line drawing reminding us of the amazing variety of shapes and textures that make Tokyo the city we love.

The t-shirt, available in 2 colours, was the best selling shirt of our 2007 collection and was so well received that Shantell decided to release the original design under a Creative Commons License, allowing other people to download, modify (remix) her design and eventually show the result on a blog specially set up by Shantell: On The March Remixed.

Talk about a great way to promote her work (for free!) as well as engage with her fans and motivate people to get creative! The magic of Creative Commons worked wonders and she received more than 60 remixed designs from people in over 10 different countries including U.K, USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, France, Canada. The remixed designs included other illustrations, videos, a dancing cape, various object, etc…

In April 2008, Shantell organized a party at SuperDeluxe to celebrate the success of the project and showcase all the remixes that had been sent in. A limited edition red version of her TAB shirt was produced just for the occasion.

So what’s up in 2009!

KeKe Remixed: To kick-off the new year, Shantell is relaunching her remix project around a new design she created recently for the Tokyo-based group KeKe. She’s once again inviting illustrators, artist, musicians, designers, creatives, “not so” creatives, well just about anyone who is up for a bit of remix fun, to visually remix her drawing KeKe, by releasing it under a by-nc-nd CC license.

What you need to do:

A. Download & Print out the drawing from:
(Choose “Original” in the size menu to get the biggest size available)

B. Remix it in your own style!

C. Send your finished results + info to:

Please provide the following information to appear below your work:
Name, City of residence, Website and a sentence or two about your remix.

More instructions and details on her project blog KeKe Remixed
Have fun!

Paul Baron

Paul Baron. Born in 1977 in Paris. After graduating in 2002 from the London College of Communication, he moved to Tokyo to taste Japan's powerful visual culture. After 3 years at Honda R&D as an interaction designer and his 2004 launch of Tokyo Art Beat with Olivier and Kosuke, he now works as a usability and information designer at AQ, a Tokyo-based design & web agency. After-hours, he enjoys holding on to his rapidly fading unofficial title for biggest visitor of art exhibits in Tokyo and baking all sorts of cakes in his new Ikea kitchen. » See other writings


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