Yoshinobu Nakagawa “Surfacism”

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Yoshinobu Nakagawa
Since his first one-man show in 1987 - when he graduated from Osaka University of Art - the subject consistently addressed in Yoshinobu Nakagawa’s work has been the relationship between plants (nature) and human beings (farmers), namely, agriculture and cultivation - activities fundamental to the human race. For Nakagawa, the relationship between the artist and their art works resembles that which exists between the farmer and their plants. He applies pigment to canvas in a manner akin to how farmers sow seeds in the earth. Following this, he works on materials, just as farmers cultivate their fields.
Most recently, Nakagawa has proposed the idea of “Surfacism.” With this he emphasizes the importance of the surface of his artworks and insists that, even in case of two dimensional works, viewers should be free to imagine the inner structure or reverse side of a work.
A number of new relief works will be displayed here, as well as drawings that have been piled up in many layers and consolidated with plaster, appearing much like a mille-feuille cake. Why not have a go at imagining what is on the inside or reverse of these works.




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