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This event has ended.

"SideA" shows Yagi's previous works, while "Side B" introduces new material.

"SideA" 25th August - 16th September
Opening Reception Party: 25th August 6:00-8:00pm
"SideA" consists of work featuring various objects from daily life, as well as provocative works of "sound".
1) "Vinyl": Yagi plays a record made of ice from a silicon mould. Rather than screening a video of it, the gallery will actually play this ice record on a record player (daily at 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm).
2) "Music on a Rainy Day" features a handle of an umbrella which is implanted with an mp3 of raindrops. The person holding the handle can hear the sound of raindrops from a pair of headphones extending from the handle.

"SideB" 21st September - 21st October
"SideB" features ceramic art, music boxes and record players made of empty cans, work featuring solar batteries and timers, etc.



From 2006-08-25 To 2006-10-21


Lyota Yagi



Rei Kagami tablog review

「八木良太展」 第1弾展「sideA:timer」

京都在住のアーティスト、八木良太(1980年生)の初個展が、高円寺の「無人島プロダクション」で始まった。 「静かに」「手を触れず」に鑑賞する美術館とは違い、直接手を触れ、音を聴き、目で確かめる展覧会だ。

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