The “MOT x Bloomberg Public ‘Space’ Project”

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

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This event has ended.

The “MOT x Bloomberg PUBLIC ‘SPACE’ PROJECT” is a program aimed at providing support to young artists and expanding access to art, using the extensive 7,400m2 of exhibition space at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT).

“MOT x Bloomberg” is a manner of collaboration completely unlike anything found in conventional art support, for it utilizes the experience and special skills of both supporting entities - MOT, which has fostered young artists ever since its opening in 1995, such as through its “MOT Annual” exhibition and its purchases of artworks, and financial news provider Bloomberg, which undertakes numerous projects in support of the arts, and programs of social service around the world.Founded on “coexistence” and “co-creation” as its basic concepts, “MOT x Bloomberg” will transform the museum into a new manner of art space. In so doing, it will create new value for the museum and for art, and bring museum visitors into a dialogue with art of the future.

Selected Artist:
Born in 1977, Kengo Kito represents the younger generation of artists now in their twenties. His artworks, employing organic, biomorphic forms in compositions of colorful Pop design, embody a twenty-first-century style of expression that might well be termed “Bio-Pop.”

“Bio-Pop” is a vigorous style of art that interjects sub-cultural noise into the cool restraint of the city-art that connotes the complexity, variety, chaos, and vitality of nature and the biological world that we identify with jungle trees, nebulae, and viruses.

In past projects, Kito has engendered a colorful universe in a museum space, simply by connecting multicolored rubber bands, or using hula-hoops he has produced a profusion of curvilinear lines, dancing in all directions, and transformed the character of a space.

This time, he has undertaken to produce a galaxy on the 15m x 28m perforated metal wall of the MOT Media Court. By means of colored liquids, moving inside tubes in a manner evoking shooting stars or fields of light energy, the artist has created on the wall a picture of an immense, ceaselessly changing universe. Viewers can enjoy this universe from various angles and heights, such as through the entrance hall glass or when descending the cafe stairs into the Media Court.

The birth of a galaxy, the beginning of a universe-a suitable theme for a new project born from a collaboration between MOT and Bloomberg.



From 2007-06-02 To 2008-01-20


Kengo Kito



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