Tomomitsu Tada "Light is Getting Weak"


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Tada's drawings and paintings are typically rendered in restrained colors, wrapping his canvases with a kind of quiet stillness. Loneliness is usually linked to the sadness of human emotion, and implies a will to escape that lonesome condition, but Tada embraces a wider, less negative interpretation of this notion of "loneliness." In his work, loneliness is taken to mean an instant of encounter with the world that arises when one is alone. In that moment, the scene in front of one's eyes acquires an ethereal beauty that may nonetheless be filled with a certain sadness. However, one cannot quite place a finger on where that sentiment comes from. While a hint of eternity is tangible in the midst of that quotidian experience, in a certain sense, that overwhelming strength inherent in the everyday is also in constant flux, fleeting and liable to collapse in the briefest of instants. Tada compresses both these currents, the eternal and the transient, into his work.

This exhibition features about 160 new drawings and 1 canvas work produced over one year period of seeing, listening, feeling and thinking. These accumulated fragments will be shown as a sort of personal tale.



From 2008-03-08 To 2008-03-29


Tomomitsu Tada



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