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Typeface designers play a vital role in visual communication. They respond to pragmatic challenges like improving legibility on highway signs to reduce accidents, or fitting all the news of the day on a smaller front page to keep newspapers viable as audiences move online.
They also respond to shifting style and identity needs for companies and publications, working closely with editors and art directors to find the right tone of voice for the message and the moment.

This talk, we welcome typeface designer Christian Schwartz. Christian has created custom typefaces for publications and companies like Esquire, Wallpaper*, The New York Times, Bosch and Deutsche Bahn. His typefaces for the Guardian were an integral part of the newspaper's acclaimed redesign in 2005.

In the talk, Christian will share recent projects, and shed light on the important role typefaces play in the creation of new culture.

In 2007 Schwartz was awarded the prestigious Prix Charles Peignot, given to designers who have made "an outstanding contribution to the field of type design" by the Association Typographique Internationale.
Wallpaper* chose Schwartz and and his partner Paul Barne as two of the 40 most influential designers under 40, and he was included in Time magazine's 2007 "Design 100".

The night will be hosted by Chris Palmieri, co-founder of Tokyo design group, AQ, and an avid fan of type. Chris has written articles on contemporary type for Japanese design portal CBC-net and AQ's blog.

Right after, we'll have a short segment called The 30-second Pitch. Five members of the audience will be invited to introduce themselves to the audience, promote a recent project, or announce a new product, website or company in under 30 seconds. If interested, please give your name and contact info at the reception table. Then for another hour, we'll have drinks, chatting, and networking among guests and audience. Light meal is also available.

TAB Talks are bilingual Japanese-English and start at 8.30pm, late enough for overworked designers like us. Drinks are available at the venue. Limited seating of 90, come early.



Door open 20:00, Start 20:30, Lounge 22:30~23:30



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Christian Schwartz on Type Design

Chris Palmieri talks to the New York-based type designer behind some prominent newspaper and magazine covers.

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TAB Talks #4 - Participate!

New York-based type designer Christian Schwartz will be our guest for the next TAB Talks. Ask your questions here!

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TAB Talks #4 "Christian Schwartz" - Report

During the first spring storm in Tokyo, TAB Talks welcomed Christian Schwartz, a New York-based typeface designer.

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TAB Talks #4 - 質問募集中


TAB Talks tablog review

TAB Talks#4 "Christian Schwartz" レポート

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