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This exhibition introduces the original works whose copies have since become familiar to viewers through media like art books. On display are works with a different perspective from their usual production, investigating the other work and "orders received" by Makoto Aida, Manabu Ikeda, Tomoko Konoike, Hisashi Tenmyouya and Akira Yamaguchi.
Normally, only a single frame from a magazine spread, printed insert or book cover even casually registers with audiences as being typical or emblematic of that particular artist. In fact, the amount of work actually produced by these artists is colossal, seeing as how they are active both in Japan and abroad. They also make large amounts of work left by the wayside - discarded, unexhibited, overlooked, ignored.
These "orders received" exhibit the unique creative marks of each individual artist, while also responding to the requests and considerations of the commissioner in a flexible manner. The result is work that hones the artists' sensibilities and technique through encounters with new materials and motifs not originally of the artists' own choice. In accepting such commissions, the artists seem to become liberated from fixed preconceptions of what they (and the public) understand their work to be about, even revitalized by this chance to expand the horizon of possibilities in their work.
This exhibition puts on display the original artworks as well as the publications and articles in which they were featured, allowing audiences the chance to compare the relative merit and appeal of each format - not only differences and discrepancies in texture, quality, color, size of the original and the mediated copy, but also the surrounding environment of each version. The exhibition organizers hope the thrill and pure shock of comparison and (re-)recognition will inspire and stimulate audiences.
Art that is hidden in the everyday - even without making your way to a museum, many people encountering the art in this form may soon become regular artgoers without themselves realizing it.



From 2008-06-04 To 2008-06-28



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