"When You Switch Off Your Mobile, Painting Starts To Talk Eloquently" Exhibition

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This event has ended.

Ota Fine Arts is holding a group exhibition of 3 young artists starting June 7th under the joint organization and direction of Tsuyoshi Ozawa and Yoriko Tsuruta.
The exhibition gathers artists that both Ozawa and Tsuruta feel to have a special appeal. All three artists have been enrolled in doctoral programs since the spring, and although they share no evidently uniform qualities, closer inspection reveals that each of them are invested in distancing their work as far as possible from contemporary Western trends in terms of subject and topic, as well as modes of surface expression and technique. Instead, they seem to have in common an imaginative approach that incorporates elements of everyday realities in Asia.
Manami Koike makes oil paintings based on rakugo (spoken word monologue), rendering fantastical subjects such as "Careless Row House" or "Braggart Verdict" in vivid colors. Instead of using brushes readily available on the market, Koike makes her own brushes using a sponge, and uses them to give shape and form to her quaint fictional worlds.
Tomoko Kashiki's paintings give the impression of spare, nihonga-style sketches with their flowing, elegant lines and contours. She uses acrylic which is then sanded down to give a smooth texture and remarkable sense of transparency. Her portraits of women are often fragmented, set against a densely-layered background of color that melds with the subject and invites viewers to look beyond the ostensible surface of the painting.
Firoz Mahamud's signature green hue found in his paintings is the same shade as that found on the flag of Bangladesh, where he was born. Along with this color, Mahamud uses a traditional stencil technique used in rural areas typically to create almost mythic portraits of the upper classes, communicating a love-hate message to his audience with regard to the social environment, class structure and limitations of his home country.

Opening party starts at 18:00 on June 7th.



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