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The guest for this TAB talk is Tomoki Sakuta, founder of the non-profit organization Arts and Law. Since founding the organization in 2004, Sakuta has helped to tackle the particular problems faced by artists and creators working both individually and as part of a group. As he explains, "laws should not impose limitations on creativity, but ought instead to facilitate it."

Sakuta will conduct a workshop session on the rights and regulations provided for under the law that ought to be mandatory knowledge for all artists and creators hoping to pursue their craft freely.
Taking real-life examples from the cases that Arts and Law has thus far handled - such as tensions between collaborating artists, and the repeat use of characters from product designs - this talk hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding laws affecting the production of creative work, and consequently to foster free expression in as wide a domain of creative fields as possible.

Case 1: Running an auction house. Artist has requested that images of the artwork not be freely used. What would be the appropriate path to take?
Case 2: A work that you produced was initially undertaken without a contract, but suddenly becomes a hit, and gets used and reproduced in images. What about royalties owed to you?
Case 3: A scenario you came up with gets turned into a performance, but you are not credited.
Case 4: Photos of your own work get taken and included on a flyer, which also contains copied images of other artists' work. What sort of problems could this lead to?
Case 5: Is there a way to assert one's copyright over a work without spending money to do so?

Everyone is invited to attend this talk and to consider these thorny issues together. Was Andy Warhol's "Campbell Soup" series an imitation, a homage or a (stolen) inspiration?
We hope artists and designers, as well as those interested in arts management, will take this opportunity to scrutinize the more minute, legal details of their profession.

Right after, we'll have a short segment called The 30-second Pitch.
Five members of the audience will be invited to introduce themselves to the audience, promote a recent project, or announce a new product, website or company in under 30 seconds. If interested, please give your name and contact info at the reception table. Then for another hour, we'll have drinks, chatting, and networking among guests and audience. Light meal is also available.

TAB Talks are bilingual Japanese-English and start at 8:30pm, late enough for overworked designers like us. Drinks are available at the venue. Limited seating of 90, come early.



2008-05-13 from 20:30 to 23:30
Door open 20:00, Start 20:30, Lounge 22:30~23:30



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