"REAL OSAKA - Osaka and Twelve Artists" Exhibition

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Osaka as long flourished as the largest city in Western Japan, developing a unique culture known for its standup comedy and gastronomy. Many Osaka-specific topics and events have fired up the imagination of the world, and this mostly mercantile and commercial town has held its own as an "independent country." The inclination to judge something based on an Osaka-centric viewpoint has waxed and waned - a bold, cynical and witty sensibility that stems from a mercenary frame of mind.

In the field of art, too, Osaka has been a "power spot" for the promulgation of new art movements. It produced a significant crop of Japan's postwar artistic avant-garde, such as the Gutai group centered on Jiro Yoshihara in the 1950s, Ei-Q's Democratic Artists Association, and Waichi Tsutaka's "Genbi." Not only have these movements had an immeasurable influence on Japanese contemporary art, they have also attracted wide acclaim in related circles abroad.

This exhibition focuses on the work of 12 young artists in their 20s and 30s, selected and introduced by born-and-bred Osaka gallery owners. The featured artists belong to the post-bubble generation, spurning flattery and ingratiating approaches in favor of a cool, cynical and somewhat detached gaze while pursuing grand possibilities for contemporary art in a straightforward, earnest manner.

Gallery talk
July 26th (Sun) 15:00-16:30
Kenta Oka (Yoshimoto Creative Agency), Keisuke Yamamoto (Tengensha), Shinya Fukuda (Fukuda Gallery), Ryoichi Matsuo (Tezukayama Gallery)

[Image: Takeshi Abe "Day Dream #13" (2008), acrylic cube 33x24x1cm]




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