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The year 2010 marks the 400th memorial of Hasegawa Tohaku (1539-1610), the master painter of the Momoyama period. As the artist of Japanese treasures such as the ink painting Pine Trees (National Treasure, Tokyo National Museum) and the colorful Maple Tree (National Treasure, Chishaku-in Temple), Tohaku rivaled his contemporary Kano Eitoku who reigned over the painting circle of their time. Born in Nanao on the Noto Peninsula, Tohaku started his career under the sobriquet Nobuharu. In his thirties, he moved to the then capital Kyoto and worked on a wide range of themes from Buddhist paintings to portraits to birds and flowers-at times, executing a subtle touch, while at other times, wielding a bold brush. Later, he came to be favored by the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The works Tohaku painted until his death at age 72 preserve their color and force and continue to enchant his viewers even today. The stories of his turbulent life and the episodes which describe his truly human character are also what fascinate us about this unique artist.

This major retrospective of Hasegawa Tohaku will cover a wide range of his paintings beginning with his early works, when he went by the sobriquet Harunobu in his hometown of Nanao, to the numerous masterpieces, which he painted in Kyoto under the name Tohaku and which adorned Daitoku-ji and other famous Kyoto temples. Tohaku's masterpieces, which transmit the beat of the Momoyama period, and the human drama that led to their creation will be presented in commemoration of this artist who lived 400 years ago.

[Images: Hasegawa Tohaku (Nobuharu) "Birds and Flowers" Private collection]



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Tohaku Hasegawa



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