It's All about Money! Confront Yourself Through 10 Experiments

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Money is deeply involved in our life, sometimes buffeting us. But is it money that is to blame? This special exhibition reveals our decision-making and behavioral characteristics through ten experiments and demonstrates how human characteristics and activities affect money and society. In this special exhibition, you can learn "All about Money." namely how to prepare and act vis-a-vis money.

A town appears in the venue. The visitor goes into ten experimental laboratories and takes part in experiments that reveal his/her habit of behavior. These experiments are based on the methods that are used in neuroscience, psychology, economics and other branches of science; and they are designed like games. In these experiments in a pseudo-social environment, the visitor has to bargain with an utter stranger or make a decision under time pressure. This reveals behavioral characteristics such as "easily influenced by others", or "impulsiveness for immediate rewards". The results will be written into a completed work sheet which sums up your character.

This exhibition has another characteristic. It is intended to grasp issues concerning the whole society, which might appear in personal behaviors related to money. This exhibition gives you viewpoints to review big issues in our everyday consumer life, such as income disparity, inequality, and the "free rider" issue in which things at someone else's expense are used freely, and of finding solutions to these issues.

At present, money has been increasing its influence, causing social problems in both micro and macro aspects. Behind this exhibition is the direction in which researchers in the natural sciences and social sciences are making interdisciplinary efforts to solve concrete problems in modern society. With all the knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, game theory, physics and economics on human decision-making and behaviors, you can learn a new trend to reconsider the social structure through this exhibition.

Dr. Fumio Ohtake, Director of the Research Center for Behavioral Economics, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University, one of the leading experts in behavioral economics, will be the editor at large of the exhibition. During the special exhibition, talk events by researchers and celebrities, and an event in which visitors can participate to develop a state-of-the-art research method will be held.


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