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Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo welcomes the New York-based, internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Mariko Mori for its eighth exhibition, “Infinite Renew.” With “the infinite renewal of energy” as its theme, Mori redefines and inhabits the gallery’s high-ceilinged space with eight pieces, of which seven have been newly created for the show and five are supported by Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo.

What grabs the eye when stepping inside the exhibition is a series of three high-tech spirals, “Infinite Energy.” Light, symbolizing energy, is drawn into the mirror attached to the ceiling, make it appear as though the spirals stretch infinitely to the sky. It is an endless renewal of invisible energy, a regenerating force for life. Considering 96% of our universe is invisible energy, our beings are also most likely comprised of this invisible energy. Thus, Mori’s aim was to visualize invisible energy through this sculpture. Through a real time monitoring device (camera + LED), the sculpture diffuses different colours according to the number of people in its proximity.

The sculpture series “Renew” (“Renew Sculpture I,” “Renew Sculpture II”) and “Butterfly” follow the Möbius form and reflect a common faith in existence, from primal particles to multiple universes, a never-ending circulation of life and death. As every existence renews its life, there is no beginning or end. The Möbius form symbolizes the life cycle. Life and death repeat and continue like the infinite loop of the Möbius band. “Butterfly” is a model of the stage set for the opera Madame Butterfly, performed at Teatro La Fenice as a special project of La Biennale di Venezia this year. In despair over unrequited love, Madame Butterfly decides to take her own life. This sculpture, though, alludes not to her physical death, but to the fate of her spirit that will come to life once again.

The sculpture “Birds” and the animated movie “Ālaya” link to the artist’s personal experiences as well as the other body of works on display as they express something deemed invisible. The newly-produced “Ālaya” will also be shown in Mariko’s solo exhibition, “Rebirth: Recent Works by Mariko Mori” at Japan Society Gallery in New York. Visible at all times on the ground floor of the Omotesando store, the movie will be projected for a limited period (Oct 7–13) onto the façade of the gallery in New York, giving us additional clues about her way of thinking, which has been further developed through her experiences in Japan and in the United States.

[Image: Infinite Energy I, II, III, ©Louis Vuitton / Jérémie Souteyrat Courtesy of Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo]



from September 28, 2013 to January 05, 2014
Open until 21:00 on 12/14 (Sat)–12/25 (Wed). Closes at 18:00 on 12/31 (Tues). Closed on 1/1 (Wed, public holiday). Open 11:00–20:00 on 1/2 (Thurs)–1/5 (Sun).


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