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Takashi Haga has been taking photographs of the 1500 arahat sculptures of the Nihon-ji temple located on the slopes of Mt. Nokogiri-yama (Kyonan-machi, Awa-gun, Chiba) for over a year. The Nihon-ji temple, where arahat sculptures are enshrined, is said to have been founded in 725. On its premise, in addition to arahat sculptures, there are many stone Buddha sculptures and Buddha statues carved on rock surface, including Nihon-ji Daibutsu, the largest sitting Daibutsu statue of Yakushiji Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru or Medicine Buddha) in Japan, and 100-shaku (99 ft) Kannon carved into a cliff. The arahat sculptures were constructed over a 21 year period from 1779 to 1800. Over the years, their appearance has gradually altered by the forces of nature, but they also suffered damage by humans during the anti-Buddhist movement. They have been repaired on occasion, but again, have been worn by rain and wind. There are also some that cannot be restored, and they are waiting to return to dust. These arahat sculptures sometimes seem as though they are living and not mere stone sculptures. Maybe it is because each sculpture has a unique appearance and facial expression just like people. Even though they’ve been disfigured by the weather over the years, they seem to be still talking to us, to be mirroring us. The photographer captured not only appearance of these unique sculptures but also their gentle interpretation of the world surrounding them.



from July 05, 2016 to July 10, 2016


Takashi Haga



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