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[Image: Naoya Inose "Vacation on the Blue" (2021) Acrylic and oil on canvas, 116×91 cm, ©THE CLUB]

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“This exhibition mainly introduces works that include the image of a pool (water). I have painted the motif with various metaphors in mind, sometimes as a symbol for Japan, and at other times, indicating life and death, silence, and the like. Water is the beginning of everything. It accounts for 80% of our body. And 71% of the surface of the earth.

This indispensable element for us living creatures is the theme of my painting, installations, and other works. Through this exhibition, I want to offer the visitors an opportunity to deal with their reluctance to go on vacation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and satisfy their wish through an imaginary experience instead. A vacation with family, friends, and significant others. Not only do humans need such a thing, but the earth may also need a break. Vacations are essential. They help us, and the earth alike, to get started anew and recover.

Facing this situation, I decided to make an installation work that emulates a swimming pool as I have painted the motif for so long. It offers an imaginary vacation. Visitors cannot jump into the pool and play in the water before their eyes. Still, I think the blue color field can stir the sensation of precious everyday experiences.

The new “Pocket Vacation” is a series of painted pools hung on the wall. I wish the exhibition can offer a vacation to both humans and the earth, in the best way I could imagine to do so. Throughout my practice, I have tried to paint the harmony between the environment and human beings as the basic essence of my work. I want to continue to develop this theme and, if possible, create new forms of harmonious coexistence.”-Naoya Inose

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from July 03, 2021 to August 27, 2021
Exhibition Hours 12:00–19:00. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. Open on weekdays 12:00-16:00 by appointment only.


Naoya Inose



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