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The initial idea of the works in “Cosmic Waltz” came from a simple observation of the body; how people are often unconscious of the movements of their bodies. It is said that in 24 hours, people are only fully aware of the condition of our bodies 5% of the time. Beyond that, bodies are on autopilot, and it is often forgotten that they perform an extraordinary range of motion. Thumbs scrolling, sitting down, tying shoes, feeling the cold sensation of the floor on the soles of the feet, wiping sweat from the forehead–movements that seem simple are often taken for granted and escape our gratitude. But this is not the case for those who have difficulty moving because of the pain in their bodies.

In this exhibition, Indieguerillas imagine that all the characters in the paintings are in motion–waving and flowing consciously along with the rhythm of the universe, like dancing a dance of the soul.

Alongside influence from the pop culture and traditional Javanese imageries, this series of paintings is also influenced by Modernist works of the 20th century, likely as the results of Indieguerillas’ six-month stay in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2018, which exposed them to Western art history within a relatively short period of time. Elements like rejection of perspective echoes traditional wayang kulit, where everything appears flat and two-dimensional. Object abstraction in the works are manifestations of their current interest in learning to feel the essence of things. The selection of colors in these works was made to support the mood to celebrate life–the optimistic life filled with happiness. As Javanese, Indieguerillas are taught to be sumarah; to accept and surrender in a positive way. Thus, bright, vivid, and bold colors are used to express joy.

“Cosmic Waltz” is Indieguerillas’ first solo exhibition in Japan, following their group show in Mizuma Art Gallery in 2017 and exhibition with Hisashi Tenmyouya in 2015. For this time, the exhibited paintings will be rotated 90 degrees once every week to alter the viewing experience of each of the works throughout the show.



from September 08, 2021 to October 09, 2021
Exhibition Hours 12:00-18:00. By appointment only.





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