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[Image: Akiko Ueda "DÉJÀ-MAIS-VU (A Walk of Broken Theatre)", 2020 photo by Philippe De Gobert]

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Akiko Ueda, whose interest lies in the fluidity of events that shift at every moment, has been striving to develop her own methods of painting and forming images in the pictorial space by reflecting on and analyzing her creative process. Cultivated during her current residence in Belgium, in this exhibition she shows paintings comprising an awareness of varied time and causal relationships, as the creative process itself asserts its influence on image-making.

In recent years, Ueda has been paying attention to how her brushstrokes themselves become elements for exploring the canvas, by focusing on her painting technique. She has subsequently developed a technique that layers pictorial transformations by tracing spontaneous brushstrokes and meditating on the moment that an image is born and the time that exists within.
Notably, in her current series “DÉJÀ-MAIS-VU,” she uses a color as close as possible to the gray of the linen and re-traces the brushstrokes that were first laid down. In comparison to her colorful earlier works, a higher degree of abstraction of image can be observed, and increased attention on the painting process itself is evident. Ueda describes this visual sensation in the construction of the image using the neologism “DÉJÀ-MAIS-VU” which combines the two French terms “déjà-vu” (already seen) and “jamais vu” (never seen). The term expresses the simultaneous experience of images and brushstrokes in the pictorial space emerging as something familiar, while at the same time weaving something foreign and new. This coincides with her methodology wherein spontaneous brushstrokes lead to the materialization of an unexpected figure through an indispensable ruminative process. In employing such a means, Ueda sees this as a practice to concretely visualize the time and space within, as well as the developments that manifest on the canvas itself.

The title of the exhibition, “A Walk of Broken Theatre” is taken from a work within the “DÉJÀ-MAIS-VU” series, but motifs related to theatre also exist in earlier works by Ueda. They appear as a metaphor for an empty space, as well as one in which myriad things are bound to occur. For Ueda the site encompasses not only the interior of the building but also the dual relationship with its surrounding environment, as well as a living presence that keeps changing according to events. This is also fundamentally linked to her use of the pictorial space as a site for exploration and practice as a new image is weaved through the ruminative recurrence of events.



from April 17, 2021 to May 29, 2021


Akiko Ueda



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